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venus RETROGRADE in leo

When a planet goes retrograde it appears to move backwards in the sky. Symbolically a retrograde is akin to a mythical underworld journey. It is a time to reflect and dig deeper and integrate all that we find there. This summer Venus, the planet of love, beauty and relationship is retrograding through Leo - the sign of The Self, of sovereignty, leadership and bold self expression. This Venus retrograde will take us on a journey of cathartic unravelling around our relationship to Self, being the love that is in our heart, connecting with our deepest essence, and the creative expression of our passions.

Venus Descent is a 7 week course Friday 21st July Friday 1st September
Calling women into their deep feminine and embodied leadership










The Call OF the great below

Venus in Leo speaks to our relationship to Self and to feminine sovereignty, but with the presence of Black Moon Lilith and Alphard joining the retrograde station; we are being called to journey with The Dark Goddess aspect of the feminine so we can heal her wounds and integrate her power into our holistic Queendom.

Through working with deep feminine sensual and erotic embodiment, ritual and journeying, as well as with our creativity we will heal, reveal and empower more of ourselves by consciously working with Venus retrograde in Leo's underworld descent

and rebirth process.

Im ready to unearth my underworld

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Deep Feminine yoga

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Our Deep Feminine sessions are a mixture of Kundalini and Womb Yoga, that are soothing and nervous system regulating, exploring our connection to the spiralling life thread within. The very idea is an invitation for yourself to experience your own sacred union with yourself. It is a felt experience, supported by movement curated to allow this unfurling and connection in the body.

The Temple Space

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In the temple we will be travelling beyond the veils of our every day perception, deep into ourselves, our bodies, our psyches, and the imaginal and spiritual realms to unearth the hidden aspect of ourselves that we need to bring the light of awareness to, and to reclaim and integrate for the empowerment and expression of our essence in the world in a soul aligned way/.

session schedule

Each session begins with a 1 hour Deep Feminine

Kundalini and Womb Yoga practice that works with the themes and energy of the week.

This is followed by either a shamanic journey, further embodiment practice, ritual or an experiential process, depending on the week.

The sessions run from 7.30pm - 10.30pm BST & will be recorded.


Friday 7th of July

A Call From The Deep Free Journey

A discussion of the key themes of this Venus retrograde in Leo and a guided journey to connect with the parts of you that are calling you from below.


Friday 21st July

Creating the Container for Descent

This will be a nervous system regulation practice to create the safe container of equanimous internal embodied presence of our masculine, to create the necessary holding for the feminine descent.

Teachings on Lilith as The Dark Feminine.

Friday 28th July

Return to the HEART Cacao Circle

Connecting to The Heart as the realm of the Queen. A circle for healing, release and coming into great alignment with the heart as the garden of Eden that reconciles All into harmonic unity.

Teachings on Venus and Leo as rulers of the Heart.

Friday 4th August

Strip to Your Bare Essence Journey

Using the motif of the Inanna underworld myth, we will journey through 7 gateways, surrendering the objects

of our attachments and identities at each one to

descend to and touch our deepest essence.

Teachings on the underworld and the death aspect of cyclical nature.

Friday 11th August

Sigils One - Creation Workshop

Here we will channel our deepest essence into a list

of tangible desires which we will then transform into

sigils, which are magical symbols to aid manifestation, ready to activate during the Cazimi.

Teachings Alphard and eroticism and desire as natural, innocent and divine.

SUNDAY 13th August

Sigils Two - Cazimi Activation Ritual

During the Venus and Sun conjunction - known as the cazimi, we will ritually activate the sigils we created under the auspices of Venus being empowered by her taking her throne in the heart of the Sun.

Friday 18th August

Devotional Dakini Dance

Embody the Shakti currents ~ from the soft nurturing motherly energies, to her erotic pulsations, to the dark feminine’s wild abandon in an online cacao dance. Gently open, and see how She wants to flow through you.

Teachings about embodied energy invocation.

Friday 25th August

Ritual Creative Play

A sacred art session for exploring and expanding

how your creative energy wants to play, evolve, move through you and express and birth more of your

essence out into the world.

Teaching about the Creative Cycle.

Friday 1st September

Union Rebirths into The World

Here we will futher explore the natures of the inner masculine and feminine and the dynamics between them to then channel their union in to planning and preparing a project that you want to birth into the world.

I have to join this journey!

This material will open doors for you to
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Come into a deeper embodied, soulful and loving

relationship with your self

Viscerally perceive how the Goddess, in her Venus form, is stirring you during this descent, initiation and rebirth.

Feel Her reorientating your life from within, as you reconnect with the primal wisdom of the feminine

Come into communion with the deepest essence and longings of your soul

Unearth places in yourself that have been buried and hidden

Know the embrace of your body who is your temple for meeting with Her

Sense the aliveness of your Feminine sensuality, channel the full spectrum of the feminine currents through your body

Come into ownership of your desire as a natural hunger for all that you truly are

Receive the tender opening of your body, as you release tension & feel wholly acknowledged

INTRODUCING your guides

Emeline is a wild priestess witch oracle. She carries a transmission of the deep, dark Feminine, who shatters our illusions & brings us back to the raw essence of who we are as women and healthy leaders.

As a Naturopath, Kundalini & Womb Yogini, and Astrologer of the ancient world, Emeline guides you on a journey home to your true self, offering you insight, wisdom and symbols along the way.

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Rose is a seeress and a deeply passionate practitioner and teacher of ancient astrological and magical arts. Through her spiritual awakening she experienced a Lilith initiation which took her on a huge healing journey, and she is now an Isis devotee working with cosmic currents in an embodied way. She has been priestessing astrologically aligned Temple spaces for healing and awakening for the past year for writer and spiritual business leader Sigourney Belle.

Rose is also deeply creative and weaves meaningful symbolism in to her art and design work, she also creates magically potent astrological talismans and utilises devotional craft as a part of her spiritual practice.

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All 8 live sessions, up to 3 hours each

Group circle through Signal

Opportunity to share personally, openly

& deeply

2 months of Yogic body care

Rich Astrological knowledge & insight into your personal chart & story

Ceremonial enquiry & initiations into your heart's calling

15% discounted 1:1 sessions with Emeline & Rose

Past Feedback

My evening with Emeline & Rose last night on their 'Call of the Great Below' introductory evening was a truly mystical experience. They are wise and knowledgeable teachers who are able to hold space that allows inquiry, curiosity and healing to erupt in a beautiful, heartfelt way.

- J

I’m loving this journey with you. It feels so good to start loving my body and soul again - and to be able to truly enjoy my food whilst feeding it with all the love and nutrition it deserves. It feels like an awakening for my soul, all with that beautiful support of the astrology and womb yoga.

- Liz

Your energy is reverberating in my core..I feel like you are a version of my future self, I am so excited to be working with you. You’re like a guardian angel who has just swooped in!

- Sarah

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